Question and Answers

1.  How far should the  Sensational Sea Scooter be away from my body?

The scooter must be kept at arms-length when in use, otherwise things like your swimsuit lace (or long hair!) can get snagged in the propeller.

2.  How do I rent an Underwater Sensational Sea Scooter? 

Schedule your rental date of the Sensational Sea Scooter under the "Daily Rental Services" tab. Enter Promo codes and Pay for items. 

4.  Why an Underwater Sensational Sea Scooter? 

Underwater Sea Scooters are a great way to reduce personal energy loss and increase snorkel/dive time at your desired destination.


5. How fast can the underwater Sensational Sea Scooter travel? 

Up to 4.0 mph for up to 3 hours using varying speeds.


6. Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes, you need to know how to SWIM! The underwater Sensational Sea Scooter is only there to help you cover more area than you would with traditional swimming.